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The truth about my Icons 

By May 22, 2019March 19th, 2021Blog

Here are some facts about my icon design work which is all over the internet.

My icons have reached over 20-30 million+ downloads, keeping in mind that I have over 11,000+ Free Icons, mostly found on which were purchased for a fee and over 3,000+ Free Social Media Icons found on I also have 15,000+ Icons on The Noun Project which anyone can download with Credit or without.

I guess I went ALL IN as they say, I’m always inspired by other Designers and can’t wait to get an idea on Illustrator and quickly up on the Internet.

So yes I created a passive income, although I’m still thinking about this, I mean I’m making money now, but it seems I’m just getting pay late.

I actually put my icon design on the side because I wasn’t making too much to live off them in California so was my mindset in the past. The impact made on to this Planet has been a greater and better reward.

I didn’t realize the impact I was making until later, until hundreds of messages and Icon requests later.

I might have missed a message from you, please re send it. I get many.

The Icon Design competition is high but I worry not about this, I want other designers participating to do well and I’m inspired by what they do. In fact if they do better than me I’m freaking happy for them.

Seems like this adventure is far from over, it calls me every morning when I wake up and see how many downloads I’ve had.

My icons are so Popular people even steal them and claimed them as their own. (

I don’t mind my icons showing up on other websites and credit is giving. ( In Fact it helps me!

I don’t really have time or care about chasing people who have stolen my work and claim it as their own work. I move to the next thing and just create.

Making a living just designing Icons is hard, that’s why I think that.. if this is your goal and you have ambition you can create this reality for yourself.

I’m still creating this for myself, even with all my downloads I have a long way to go, I don’t see it as a negative, just a process. A good one.

If you want more Icon Downloads offer FREE ICONS, when you care about your audience you will get what you want (Money, recognition, etc)

Let me know if you have any questions.

I’m still learning, Icon Design continues..


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