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Favorite Deepak Chopra Sutra

By March 15, 2017March 19th, 2021Blog

I’m Space.

I’m the Sun.

I’m the Directions, Above and Below.

I’m the Gods.

I’m the Demons.

I’m all Beings.

I’m Darkness.

I’m the Earth.

I’m the Ocean.

I’m the Dust, the Wind, the Fire and all this World.

I’m Omnipresent.

How can there be anything but me, me, the spirit.

You will rise beyond joy and sorrow.

The world exists in me, the self, the infinite consciousness.

Even as a reflection seems to exist in the mirror.

I am the fragrance in flowers, the light in radiance, and even in that light I’m the experience.

Whatever mobile or immobile beings exist in this universe, I’m their supreme truth, or consciousness, free from conceptionalisation.

I’m the very essence in all things in the universe.

Just as butter exists in milk and liquidity exists in water, even so as the energy of consciousness I exist in all that exists.

When we are established in Being, the mind, body and the senses are playthings.

Purity, total fulfillment of all desires, the absence of cravings, friendliness to all, truthfulness, wisdom, tranquility and blissfulness, sweetness of speech, supreme magnanimity, lustrousness, one-pointedness, realization of cosmic events, fearlessness, absence of divided consciousness – these are the constant experiences of one who has established in Being.

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