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Are Artist Born? Absolutely 100% Yes! without a Doubt

By May 22, 2019March 19th, 2021Blog

I can speak from personal experience, check out my art here:

Since I was young as all the stories go… I remembered being able to draw stuff with ease. When I was in middle school my Art skills were advanced enough to impress my friends and teachers, in High School I started selling my Art to an awesome Japanese friend named Richard Tran (which I lost contact with and looking for, where you at Richard?) His love for Art was so fascinating and new to me, here was a guy from a different background and culture who had a passion for Art strokes, paint and just original and fan work. His excitement and enthusiasm in Art and in particular my Art made me stronger, it enforced my talent and continuation of my skill which lead me to working with some of top creative companies on this Planet today.

But getting back to are we born with Art Talent I say Yes, just as some people are born with People skills, leadership skills, compassion. Just as some people are natural at building businesses, or playing in sports, or playing an instrument, so are Artist born with talent. I always had an unfair advantage if you want to call it that, I always saw things in perspective. I believe I was an artist long before this life time. I might had started from zero a long time ago and it’s just a skill that comes back with you. Of course I now lack other areas/skills but definitely not Art.

I’ve seen friends learn to draw from zero experience, it’s definitely a skill that can be learned with great dedication, passion and patience, like everything there will be times where you will hate what you love, I think it’s normal. I hated creating so many icons and seeing so many sunsets doing it, but I’m happy of all the work I’ve done for companies and for myself which you can see here or on other sites.

More to come..


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